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medQDOC includes 70 templates
Comply easy with ISO 13485 ISO 14971
Comply easy with MDR 2017/745
Comply easy with IVDR 2017/746

Our eQMS solution with medQDOC includes over 70 basic templates intended to be used for a Quality Management System suitable for organisations in the medical device and life science business. The solution will support your organisation to comply with the Medical Device regulations (MDR 2017/745, IVDR 2017/746) as well as other applicable harmonised standards.

With our partner AM System we offer a eQMS solution, (electronic document management system) suitable for numerous different companies. AM System’s process maps and document controls help organisations achieve a Quality Management System in an efficient way.

medQDOC´s content within AM System consists of over 70 predefined templates that can be used as “Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)”, “Work Instructions (WI)” and “FORMs”. By adopting the provided templates and adjust these as suitable for your organisation you can quickly start using a QMS and comply to the regulations.

As an option AM System includes a Task Management module as part of their eQMS of where the organisation can add and developed own Task Management actions as suitable for your organisation. This can be customized to fit your organizational needs.
MedQtech AB is a consultant agency that assist and support your organisation to implement the eQMS solution.

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The Product medQDOC will give your organisation a kick-start to comply with the QMS requirements in the Life Science industry.

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Type of templates
and applicable areas

The system makes it simpler to comply with MDR, IVDR, ISO 13485 & ISO 14971. The following areas are included:


› General
› Regulatory
› Management Control
› Resource Management
› Document Management
› Product Realization
› Risk Management
› Purchasing, Supplier Control
› Monitoring and Measurements